Piling on "Brooklyn's" ridiculous foodiot culture is almost as hackneyed as the source material itself, but as long as the borough continues to offer things like chicken liver cannoli and "driftless sheep’s milk cheese crostini, kale, pickled raisins" it will still be worthy of mockery.

Redditor pbeunttz certainly agrees after "visiting a new bar that had a really infuriating menu." As a result of that experience, they were inspired to create the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator, a slideshow of both real—"lots of the variables in this tool ('acorn' / 'shell bean') were pulled directly from that menu"—and imagined dishes gracing the menus at fabricated Brooklyn restaurants.

Believably-named restaurants like Johnson & Olive, The Perry, Stewart & Rapelye and Ten Eyck & Elmwood are offering delectable selections like Bluefish Extract ($17), Booze Platter & Distressed Plum ($10) and Natural Lime ($13).





Will we all be feasting on Fermented Plum ($10) and Crafted Corn ($13) at Ebony & Hazel in the near future? If so, it'll probably be in Quooklyn.