For almost a century, Americans have grown mighty and virile on the power of Yoo-Hoo chocolate flavored drinks. Over the course of the Yoo-Hoo Century, the slogans of "Me-hee for Yoo-hoo" and "The Drink of Champions" became iconic slogans, baseball legend Yogi Berra attributed his prowess to the beverage, and historians speculated that American infantrymen storming the beaches at Normandy would have been thwarted if not for the power of Yoo-Hoo. And yet, despite its proud history, the Post reports that one guy from Brooklyn is suing the company for $5 million.

Timothy Dahl, 35, is suing Yoo-Hoo's parent company, the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, in federal court because he claims the product's "good for you" ad slogan is simply not truthful! Yoo-Hoo contains "dangerous, unhealthy, non-nutritious partially hydrogenated oil," the lawsuit alleges, and it "contains virtually no milk and instead is mostly water, sugars, milk by-products and chemicals."

The lawsuit, which Dahl's attorneys hope to make a class-action suit, alleges that "portraying Yoo-hoo as healthy and nutritious is deceptive and misleading for kids and adults." Now, there's nothing more American than trying to cash in with a lawsuit against a big corporation, but has Dahl even stopped to consider how disillusioned the children will be if they find out Yoo-Hoo's not nutritious? Just two days ago kids lost some more of their innocence when a lawsuit accused Fruit Roll-Ups of being unhealthy. Next up: a lawsuit against Macy's for lying about Santa Claus every winter?