Did the latest drinking fad start in Brooklyn? No, we're not talking about that horrible tampon-vodka thing. We're talking about Teboozing ("To get down on one knee," à la Tim Tebow, "and drink, no matter what is going on around you. Knee down, drink up!"). Peter Mishu, a 24-year-old University of Tennessee grad now living in Brooklyn, tells the Daily News today that he invented it. He does not, however, say if he would like a medal or a monument. (We look forward to seeing a Kickstarter for that any minute now.)

The idea—a riff on the ongoing mocking of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's prayer habits called Tebowing—shockingly started while Mishu was drinking. "My friend at his apartment was obviously drinking and said, 'Let's take a funny drinking pic,'" Mishu recalled. "And I got down on one knee with a bottle of Jack Daniels, posted it on Twitter and my friend in Knoxville replied immediately and said 'Teboozing.'" And a meme (and Tumblr) was born.

Though barely a week old, the Teboozing creators have already begun mulling a Teboozing launch party at a Lower East Side football bar (though no date has been set yet) and say their numbers are doing great. Somehow, considering he doesn't drink, we suspect Tim Tebow would not be amused by this trend—and we're okay with that.