Forager's coffee and juice station. (Ben Miller/Gothamist)

This morning I dropped by Forager's to treat myself to an iced coffee—while the store itself has high-priced items, their coffee has previously been the best and the cheapest in DUMBO. So I told the cashier, "Please add a large iced coffee to my total, I'll grab it on my way out." It's gonna be a good day, I thought. She responded, "Are you sure? That's $6 now..." GODAMMIT. I can't even have this one simple joy in my life?

I told her, as sweat dripped off my body, that I'd take a hot one instead. At press time it is just about cooled down enough where I can add ice and pretend.

Iced coffee should not be a luxury item in de Blasio's New York, so why are we making it one? Make coffee, put it in the fridge, serve with ice, charge 3 bucks, if you really can't get away with charging any less. But SIX DOLLARS? What in the fuck gives?

Gothamist intern Ben Miller did some further research at Forager's and reported back, "So here are the facts about the iced coffee situation at Forager's: Grady's Cold Brew on tap is an option they started offering because 'we got lazy brewing our own and this is better.' The guys behind the counter insinuated that people will pay more for cold brew, and that they have raised the prices accordingly to $3.99 for a 16oz small and $5.99 for a 24oz large."

Previously these prices were $2.75 for a 16oz and $3.25 for a 24oz.

One employee did promise that they would revisit their homemade iced coffee option (which is just brewed coffee that has been refrigerated and put on ice) in the future, for those who don't want to pay tap prices. In the meantime, it's DIY or die... from under-caffeination, because the iced coffee prices are too high, see?