Springtime and outdoor food markets are busting out all over, including the Brooklyn Flea, which will open a new daily residence at the South Street Seaport this summer. DNAInfo reports that starting Memorial Day, the Flea will set up a 40-table, 497-seat outdoor concession area on Front Street serving both food and alcohol. Partners Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby don't know yet which vendors will be showing up but Demby told us it's likely to be a rotating selection of eight food vendors who will be at the location a few times a week.

The Flea was approached by Howard Hughes Corporation to bring some life into the Sandy ravaged area. "The developer invited us to do this and felt we were uniquely positioned," explained Demby. "We can put together an operation quickly, we can do it bare bones, and we can hopefully get a lot of people to come to a public place. That's exactly what's needed post-Sandy."

The seasonal market will go by Smorgasbar, which is what the team dubbed the alcohol options at Smorgasburg last year. There will be at least one full bar operating at the site on Front Street between Fulton and Beekman, with the possibility for another bar in some configuration. As for booze options, specifics are still in the air, but it will be more "straight ahead" for the locals and not necessarily Brooklyn-based. For now, we at least know that the bar will stay open until a respectable 9:30 p.m. on weekdays and 10:30 p.m. on weekends. The whole al fresco affair will run through October.

This new market could help trim down the massive crowds that gather in Kent State Park and Dumbo on the weekends. Demby hopes the local residents and workers will frequent the market, in addition to visitors. We're curious to how Smorgasbar will be incorporated in future years now that the area is set to receive two new food markets by next fall. But for this summer at least you can eat your $6 spring rolls and anchovy heads amidst throngs of tourists. Hey, it could be worse.