M. Slavin & Sons

, the Brownsville-based fish distributor that was slapped with a massive federal lawsuit accusing them of subjecting black employees to a torrent of racist, sexual harassment in 2009 has finally settled, to the tune of $900,000.

According to the complaint filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, dozens of black employees claim M. Slavin supervisors groped their buttocks, put fish hooks into their buttocks, rubbed up against them, and used racial slurs and sexual threats for years on end. “Many of the men worked for M. Slavin for 10 to 20 years and endured this treatment because they desperately needed the work,” the commission said in a statement. When the suit was initially filed, commission lawyer Sunu Chandy said, "the stunning facts of this case remind us of an ugly time in our nation’s history."

The fish company will pay 31 employees in the settlement, and it must also agree to five years of monitoring, conduct training sessions for owners and managers, and post an announcement of the resolution of the case at the workplace, notes the Times.