The Post has discovered Rio gas station in Borough Park, which for years now has been a big hit in the with Hasidic Jews, who pull in for a blessed fill up and a wide variety of kosher delicacies. Rio's owner bought the station in 2005, and turned the garage bay into the Heimeshe Coffee Shop, stocking it with pastries from Ostrovitsky's, a well-known kosher bakery in Midwood. The gas station, located by the BQE on 14th Avenue and 38th Street, also serves house-made gefilte fish and shakshuka, a Middle Eastern medley of fried eggs and tomato sauce, among other things. Devoted and devout customer Yossi Rubinfeld tells the tabloid, "You'll have a guy who comes Thursday night. He can pop in and get himself a good cholent, a cold drink, and be on his way." And customer Esti Babiov wonders, "Where else can you fill up your car and get kosher heimish [home-like] food while you're waiting?" For those keeping track, there used to be another kosher gas station in Crown Heights, but that's no longer owned by Jews.