They're labeling it "cooking class," but don't be fooled: the recently opened grocery store Brooklyn Fare is rolling out an unusual kind of dinner service this week. Four courses—including a vegetable course, fish course, meat course, and dessert—go for a steep-seeming $70 (plus tax, tip), but what sets these dinners apart (and presumably makes the cost worth it) is that they're held inside Brooklyn Fare's working kitchen, an intimate, separate space located a few doors down the block. There's only one seating a night, three nights a week, and twelve seats available; the set menu might include local asparagus, rouget, or wagyu beef. Cooked by César Ramirez and team, the educational component of the meal means that diners have the opportunity to ask questions about the food. Directly. Considering that the dining table is literally Ramirez’s real, working table in the middle of Brooklyn Fare's kitchen (it's one huge, square piece of seamless stainless steel opposite the stoves) this is something new, a little bit more up close and personal than most chef's counters. Calling it cooking class may turn out to be the understatement of the year. More information here.