2007_04_vegas1.JPGWith all the craziness going on in South Brooklyn recently -- Jason Neroni leaving Porchetta (law suits, arrests, excitement!), and with recent news that the Brooklyn Inn may be closing (converting into a bistro?) -- it'd be easy to miss the little slip about Vegas. During a short message on the Brooklyn Record, a commentator "confirmed" that the rumors about the Brooklyn Inn were true and then added that "Vegas, on Smith st. is also closing soon."

We've got nothing but great things to say about the Brooklyn Inn, one of the landmark bars in the area, but Vegas . . . Situated between Dean and Bergen on Smith, we’d apparently been to every single bar in the area except that one. With the axe apparently looming, it seemed as apt a time as any to see what it was all about.

It may be called Vegas, but it doesn’t look to the great playground in the desert for inspiration. There is nothing gaudy or superficial about the space, which is accented with soft candle lighting, lots of space to lounge about, and a nice big bar. Did we mention the emormous space? It's one of the few places where a game of pool doesn’t mean you’ll have to keep shifting back and forth worring about getting knocked in the head by a large stick.

There is nothing particularly novel about the drinks they serve that would distinguish it from the other offerings along Smith Street, but the space is addictive. With so much room, it's easy to find a quiet corner, which the couple in front of us were using to their full advantage.

But is it closing? They won't tell. The bartenders we asked just kept their mouths shut, and all phone calls were not answered. If it's staying open then it's another great option on a street lined with them. But what if it's demise is close? That would mean two good bars in a one block radius were closing down and that we'd be forced to make the long slog one more block south to Boat.

135 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
between Dean and Bergen Sts.