2007_06_brooklyninn1.JPGThe flurry of rumors that surrounded the Brooklyn Inn a few months ago have largely quieted. With no breaking news stories or insider tips, we decided to wander over there to see what had actually happened to one of the most cherished bars in Boerum Hill.

And here it is: They have snacks. The bathroom looks a little cleaner...oh, and there is a new register. They got rid of the ornate old one. The new one is white.

Which might confound those who were waiting for a bistro. For now, at least, it seems safe. The front is still lined with the massive wall of mirrors. The back still has the pool table. Everything that made this such a beloved bar is still here.

It seems like they could serve just about anything in a space as beautiful as this and get away with it. Tellingly, they steer pretty clear of keeping up with micro-brews and long cocktail lists. It’s a standby, and it’s about as good as one can get. We do miss that big ornate register, but we are slowly getting over it.

The Brooklyn Inn
148 Hoyt Street at Bergen Street