Of the many bars that line Atlantic Avenue between Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill, The Brazen Head doesn’t seem like much of a draw. They don't have bocce ball, an indie rock juke box, an old man sailor vibe, or even a full menu. The garden they advertise from the street is a triangle of concrete reaching some 10 feet out and overlooking an abandoned lot. So why should anyone go?

This might seem like a novel idea, but with all the clutter removed, it's a great place to catch a drink. They have a rotating list of something like 15 draft beers, which are proclaimed on a chalk board above the bar. Also listed are the dates of when each of the kegs were tapped, in case you were wondering how long that Blue Point had been sitting there. The bartenders will let you taste before making the plunge. Nearly all the beers are around $5, except for two ales which are hand pulled and absolutely worth the extra buck. They also have a very impressive scotch selection, which we're looking forward to next time we stop by.

As far ambience, it can remind you of pretty much every other pub in the city except they probably have less TVs. The bar also hosts live music occassionally. On their website, the upcoming event happened a week ago. The bartenders said they have live music when they feel like it.

The Brazen Head
228 Atlantic Ave.