2007_04_sheep1.JPGSandwiched between Park Slope and Gowanus, along 4th Avenue, the Sheep Station bills itself as an Australian restaurant even if the bar seems to get the most attention. It has none of the kitschy video games, dated beer posters, or anything really that might muck up its design. It’s all straight lines and clean surfaces, and in that respect feels a little like Gothamist favorite Bocco Lupo in Cobble Hill. Like that enticing wine bar, massive windows seemed carved out the brick, making it feel vibrant, open, and engaging. Even if that means it isn’t overlooking quiet tree-lined streets, and instead a busy boulevard, directly cater-corner to a BP gas station. Luckily the dull hum of fluorescent lights and rattling cars changes immediately when you enter.

Or maybe that was because of the jazz band that set up shop in the front corner. The bar sits in the front, with the open kitchen in the middle separating the large back eating area. They have some interesting cocktails that are absurdly expensive for Brooklyn, so unless you’ve got the money to blow it, we kindly suggest the beer and wine. For an Australian beer, you’ll have to steer towards the bottles. On tap it’s all American and can be ordered in three sizes, depending on whether you’re a light weight (10 oz named a middy), confused American (15 oz, a schooner, and an ounce less than a normal U.S. pint), or a pub crawler to the bone, who is used to sucking back the big ones (20 oz, an Australian pint).

The wine is exclusively Aussie, with lots of big Shiraz that can stand up to the small menu of pub fare, which the waiter aptly described as comfort food. It’s filled with burgers, meat pies, and just a couple of salads to keep people from getting restless. We didn’t sample any on our last visit, but did catch a whiff of the fries as an order was delivered to a group of guys down the bar who systematically destroyed the plate in minutes. The place was packed when we visited on a weeknight, and can only imagine how it gets on the weekend. It does seem warranted. We can only hope that this is what it’s really like down under.

Sheep Station
149 4th Ave.