2007_05_sample1.JPGSample is small. But not like Minibar small, or even Tini, where what you see is what you get. It is long and especially narrow, and feels like it has more to show. We kept expecting to find another room, or a little cove behind some tables. But even the back garden only has enough room for two tiny tables. If you have the misfortune to sit in the middle of the bar you’ll have approximately a foot of space between you and the wall, and no matter how politely people try to slip by you’ll get a constant brush whether they mean to or not.

Fortunately, it’s a great place to drink. Most cocktails hover around the $6 mark, a rare feat, especially when you can order up aSazerac, one of our favorite cocktails, and not just some syrupy vodka stained mess with lots of ice. Even the special of the day, normally a dumping ground for cheap spirits and whatever else is left around, was well put together and a steal for $4. During happy hour those drinks get even cheaper, as all drafts and well drinks go for $3.

2007_05_sample2.JPGThey do have a menu, and it’s filled with basic small plates practiced by many around the area. But what makes it such a great place is the atmosphere. With elegant light fixtures, and large maps that line the walls, it’s classy in a way that only a few of the bars along Smith Street are. And though it can feel happening with just a few people inside, the shotgun layout provides plenty of room for those that are just trying to get away.

152 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY 11201