If you happen to be wandering around on Myrtle Avenue around say, 10 o’clock, it could surprise one that there is actually a business open. The small stores and beauty saloons (why are there so many of these?) that line the street all shut their gates by the time it gets real dark, and the street can feel like a wall of metal instead of a new strip of emerging restaurants and bars. For those making this lonely walk, Rope can feel like a bastion. It’s smart, stylish, and incredibly comfortable.

The inside is dark red, with so many couches and chairs we can’t imagine anyone ever needing to stand. There is also a projection screen in the back, in a little nook by more of the couches, which makes the whole place feel a little more like it belongs in the East Village than on a street once lovingly titled Murder Avenue. It even has a jukebox full of indie favorites --Elliot Smith was blasting for the entirety of our stay. For those that got priced out of Fort Greene, this must seem like a godsend. When we dropped by people had sprawled all of their bags across the place, and settled in. It was their bar, and they really liked being there.

The beer selection is very decent and they serve a few interesting liquors. The specials run through the predictable run of Pabst ($1 on Monday) and discounted well drinks during happy hour ($3 between 5:30-7:30). Not bad, but not that much different from the other indie rock bars around the area. Which, come to think about, are really far away...so wait...we take that back.

415 Myrtle Avenue (Between Vanderbilt Avenue & Clinton Avenue)

Photo from Lesterhead's photostream on Flickr