2007_05_kili2.jpgSequestered between downtown Brooklyn and the frantic hum of Atlantic Avenue, Kili offers a little retreat even if it is small. The lighting is muted, the colors dark, and the music loud. Toss in a strategically placed fireplace, and it stands as one of the perfect cold weather bars. Unfortunately, that’s of no use to us now. To make up for the closed-in feel, they open both front doors and everyone seems to want to scoot a little towards the exit. Too bad they don’t have an outdoor space.

The drinks range from the $8 cocktails (a fair price) to $2 PBR’s in a can, and we’d have to say the atmosphere definitely calls for the former. It's trendy, well designed, and comfortable. Intricate lights hang from the ceilings and well placed candles don every table. A DJ, with a couple of turntables in tow, usually hangs out in the corner, filling the room with danceable tunes we’d never heard before. It’s a beautiful scene, though it can feel a little stuffy sometimes.

It’s better during the afternoons, where the atmosphere gets lazy and nice breeze comes in. That’s the perfect time to try one of their cocktails. Otherwise, save us a place near the fireplace come fall. We especially love the booths.

81 Hoyt near Atlantic Avenue