2007_05_fivefront2.jpgWe always thought that to drink right under the Brooklyn Bridge you had to either go low and sip homemade concoctions discreetly through straws in constant fear of the cops, or plop down large sums to cover a bill for two at the River Cafe. While nothing is particularly wrong with either, we were happy to find another option.

It began as a search for the closest bar to Grimaldi’s in Dumbo. What was the closest drink for those parties that just couldn’t brave another minute of torture waiting in that line? We didn’t have to look that hard. Immediately on the corner is Toro, which has a nicely stocked bar. But it was a nice night and we didn’t want to be in doors. For that, we hung a left and passed a few more doors where we found Five Front.

2007_05_fivefront1.jpgAt first glance it looks like any other restaurant bar: classy patrons and a well kept bar that offers a meager, if well chosen, collection of beers and spirits. But don’t go for the pomegranate margarita. Buy a drink and walk back through the dining room and out into the large back patio. There beneath a canopy of trees, strung up lights, and the looming Brooklyn Bridge, is a little lounge. Sit in the low lying chairs, clink glasses, and enjoy the view in this completely legal venue.

Five Front
5 Front Street