2007_06_enid3.JPGJust north of the empty McCarren pool, is a whole slew of soaring condos clad in primary colors, that stick out from the brick neighborhood below. One of those low lying structures houses along Manhattan Avenue houses Enid's, a place that feels like it has been there for a while.

Instead of a comfortable dive, Enid's adds a little civility to the area. The place is one open room littered with tables that make it seem much more like a casual restaurant than the local hangout, which it most certainly is. Much like the Pink Pony in the Lower East Side, Enid's treads a thin line between restaurant and bar. Instead of people lounging around in couches, everyone sits properly at tables.

We last went on a Thursday night and had trouble finding one of those seats. The bar is relatively small, and only available for a few patrons to sit around. The tables were filled with people who looked like they had no intention of leaving. The lingering atmosphere probably comes from the bistro feel, even if the food stops coming out at 10, leaving the space open to those who just want to drink.


But once we found a space, we're glad we made it. It’s drinking with a little class, even if there were old episodes of the Muppets playing on the projection screen. There were even captions in case you were wondering what was going on.

560 Manhattan Ave.
Open 5 P.M. to 4 A.M. everyday