Last year, two intrepid women decided to taste test a selection of dog foods classified as "human grade." But that was just one night hopefully washed away by copious amounts of wine and human snacks. How do they really know what "human grade" means? Hanna Mandelbaum Alison Wiener of Red Hook, creators of Evermore dog food, will see their night of doggy cuisine and raise them another 30 days in order to prove that their own product is "fit for human consumption."

Starting on March 1st, the two women will eat a 1-1/2-pound container of their dog food, which they boast is locally sourced, features no byproducts, and is made of 88% meat, fruit and vegetables. Wiener says, “This is not about the shock value of eating dog food. We want to stand behind our claims by demonstrating the integrity of our products.” They will also consult with nutritionist Ashley Koff, who says, "Evermore uses such a great array of healthy ingredients...frankly, this makes a great 'qualitarian' diet for anyone!"

Wiener also told the Daily News that they already "eat it all the time," so it won't be too difficult. But while we understand that all the meats and fruits in the recipe are no different than what we consume on a daily basis, we can't help but be completely grossed out because they're eating dog food. Couldn't they just advertise it as Bachelor Chow and leave it at that?