If you are a human being who uses Facebook there is not a chance in hell you haven't seen your feed flooded with people dumping ice water on their heads in the name of charity. The so-called ALS Challenge—or Ice Bucket Challenge—has engulfed social media in a frenzy of one-up-manship and charity by coercion, with participants strong-arming their friends into repeating the challenge within 24-hours.

Some people are skeptical, others tout the money raised; there have been celebrity challenges and some serious fails. And now, there's this: Justin Warner, chef at Bed-Stuy's Do or Dine, created his own ice bucket challenge using...water from the Gowanus Canal. Watch in horror below:

Funny how rotten fish and potential dry ice burns don't seem so terrible when you're focused on toxic, dolphin killing Superfund water getting in your mouth. The same water that when ingested will 100% give you blood-filled diarrhea and, at worst, probably fucking kill you. We'll update you on Warner's medical status as soon as information becomes available.

[h/t The Braiser]