Bed-Stuy restaurant Do or Dine, last seen raising the ire of vegans with their foie gras-filled doughnuts, are making waves again today, this time with the local police. We spoke to chef Justin Warner to find out what went down after he got caught riding his tricycle on the sidewalk near his restaurant.

Warner tweeted this weekend, "I just got arrested for riding the @Do_or_Dine tricycle on the sidewalk. Popo smelled the doughnuts. Out of jail in 45. They drove me back." Today, he explained in more than 140 characters, telling us, "We just got this new tricycle to carry groceries and stuff to the restaurant. On Saturday, I was on my way back from Dough with a bag full of doughnuts, and I rolled onto the sidewalk about half a block in front of the restaurant." That's when the sirens started blasting, and Warner, who describes himself as "having been arrested a few times before," figured they were busting him for riding on the sidewalk. But after checking his ID, the cops told Warner to leave his doughnuts, because it was time to take a little trip down to the precinct.

"They cuff me, throw me in the cell, and I'm sitting there like 'What is going on?'" he says. "I've gotten a ticket or two for having my feet on the subway and not coming to court, but this seems like a lot for riding the trike on the curb. So 45 minutes later, they come back to me and they're like, 'You're free to go.' It turns out there was a clerical error. I think they typed in the wrong name. The whole thing was ridiculous." Warner made it back to the restaurant in time for the dinner rush, but he was still slapped with a $25 fine for riding his trike, which could make it hard for the animal-loving cyclists of Brooklyn to pick sides on this one.