Celebrity chefs can afford to take an eyesore-induced hit to their businesses. Mom & Pop outfits? Not unless they see Uncle Bobby for a loan. For two years, the Bay Ridge Cafe in Brooklyn, which serves damn fine Turkish cuisine, has been forced to endure two massive, ugly MTA storage containers sitting right in front of their front door. "They destroy our business, 'cause nobody can sit outside," owner Avdi Nikovoc tells NY1. "There's plenty places they can put them, where they don't bother no one, but they put exactly here." This is true: the MTA could sit them over the Fulton Street subway stop to plug the leak.

Before the containers came, a waitress says "it was wonderful. A lot of people, it was a lot of workers." Now, according to Nikovoc "people thinking it's for garbage, they're throwing garbage on top of them…we have people drinking beers between these containers…and they use them like a public toilet." It's as if the Bay Ridge Cafe is in the Meatpacking District!

The MTA claims that moving the containers across the street is "cost-prohibitive," and have offered to put signage on them to inform passersby where the restaurant is until the project that makes the units necessary is finished in 2012, but Nikovoc refused. Odds of the Bay Ridge Cafe making it to 2012 don't look good, as they are six months behind on their rent and have shutoff notices from ConEd in hand. Pete Townsend, you'd better get your last meal in now while you still can.