One question has been floating around Tom Mylan after he quit his position at Marlow & Daughters: What will he do next? Well, Brooklyn Based has answers! Today, Mylan revealed his newest project: a "food dork megaplex" in Williamsburg. It will be home to two endeavors. The Lab will be "New York's first real cooking school for home cooks", with a full supply of cooking, baking and beer making supplies, as well as an entire room dedicated to spices. The Meat Hook will be a sustainable butcher shop run by him and Brent Young, also formerly of Marlow & Daughters, offering cuts of local meat and ready made sauces and stocks. Mylan says "permits, construction and the gods willing we should open our over-stuffed doors in late October for end of year food mayhem." Considering there's something called a "Wild Turkey wild turkey" on the menu, we believe it. Maybe a Buffalo Trace buffalo steak could be next?