New York Comic-Con is coming, and the Brooklyn Brewery knows that geeks like to drink, too. So they've brewed up a special draft-only IPA called The Defender (not to be confused with The Defenders) to honor the Con. And you don't have to be a comic fan to drink it, you just have to be legal.

Naturally Brooklyn Brewery has a whole backstory for their new hero—"The Defender! Spawned in deepest Brooklyn and robed in a cowl of shimmering amber, the Defender wielded the rich power of caramel malts, the sharpest unbreakable blade of pure hop bitterness and an incredible focused blast of hop aroma to shatter the Megalith’s spell."—over on their blog but suffice it to say it is a hoppy amber IPA.

Want to be the first kid on your block to try it? There is a party being held to roll it out on Tuesday, September 25. Just reserve a spot. But unlike those limited edition comics you still have in a closet somewhere, probably better to drink this limited edition fresh rather than put it in plastic.

If you can't make it to the party, well, these bars are scheduled to serve it during Comic-Con (though you might want to confirm first, beer gets drunk):
+ Barcade
+ Mugs Ale House
+ Kent Ale House
+ Pine Box Rock Shop
+ The Diamond
+ Sunswick
+ Nitehawk Cinema

+ Pony Bar (Hell’s Kitchen & UES locations)
+ New York Beer Company
+ Beer Authority
+ Rattle N Hum
+ Ginger Man
+ Stout
+ Blind Tiger