Brooklyn Brewery expanded its operations in Brooklyn two years ago and is now poised to go even bigger—abroad! The brewery announced yesterday, "We’re building an 8,000 barrel brewery. In Stockholm, Sweden."

Brooklyn Brewery says it's "a partnership between Brooklyn, D. Carnegie & Co. and Carlsberg Sweden," and that it'll be like a brewer exchange program: "Our new team of Swedish brewers will train here in Brooklyn and learn our deepest, darkest secrets, in turn Garrett and the Brooklyn team will take turns visiting Sweden to brew special Brooklyn offerings — like Brewmaster’s Reserve and Worshipful Company of Brewers releases — as well as developing some brand new beers by the end of 2013. To start, these offerings will only be available in Sweden."

The brewery's Williamsburg operation makes 120,000 barrels a year, so the Swedish offshoot is definitely small, but they will be in landmarked buildings with space for the public visitors and food vendors. Brooklyn Brewery's chief operating officer Eric Ottaway told the NY Times, "Brooklyn, the brand, is hotter than ever. Swedes love the taste of our beer, the name of our beer and the mystique of Brooklyn," adding, "This will not cannibalize our sales in Sweden, because we’ll be brewing new small-batch specialty beers in Stockholm. Our main beers will not be brewed there, and will continue to be exported from Brooklyn."

It's unclear if there will be a mascot in the Stockholm location (R.I.P., Monster)—might we suggest a reindeer?