That very shallow pool isn't the only new thing in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The waterside oasis also now has its very own beach. Well, in the sense that the late Water Taxi Beach was a beach. Say hi to Brooklyn Beach Shack everybody! They serve booze—in the evening.

The Shack, which is not related to Shake Shack, is a decidedly simple affair. And really, that is all you want in a beach shack, right? The food menu is basic—think burgers and hot dogs ranging from $4.95 for a hot dog to $9.95 for the "1834 burger"—and that is fine. Plus, after 6 p.m., the sandy spot gets more interesting when the kids go home, sliders and grilled shrimp kebabs replace the full burgers and dogs and the beer and wine come out. The joint closes at 11 p.m.

Another place to sit outside, look at the skyline and nosh? We aren't complaining.

Pier 2, Furman Street, Brooklyn NY // 718-625-5555