Proof that bacon is not just a passing trend, the third annual Brooklyn Bacon Takedown is coming to town next weekend, in all its artery-clogging glory. The name pretty much says it all, but here are a few more details: 20 amateur chefs will compete to create the most excessively delicious bacon-centric dish in all the land. Guests will pay $15 to mill about the Bell House on October 16 and sample the each of the wares, then they will vote upon the ultimate porcine champion.

Organizer Matt Timms is looking for chefs, and he can donate a cool 15 lbs of Hormel Black Label bacon to participants to go straight-up nuts with. Dishes from previous years include bacon-tomato soup, bacon sloppy Joes, and bacon-honey-peanut butter-cake, so don't slack off with a BLT or something equally lame. Email Timms at if you'd like to participate, or opt to simply stuff your face—tickets here.