Longtime NYU staple Silver Spurs shuttered its swinging doors in December, leaving one fewer independent operation along Broadway in Greenwich Village. At best, we could have hoped for, say, a locally owned burger company; at worst, a bank branch. What we're getting is somewhere in between: a Starbucks-owned tea emporium called Teavana.

Construction is in full force at the site, EV Grieve reports, though there's no set opening date for the corner space. The Teavana will open mere blocks from the Astor Place Starbucks, and an additional corporate green giant farther down on Broadway. At least they're trying a different angle here; remember when there were three Starbucks in Astor Place alone?

The Seattle-based chain has been busy expanding its brand, especially in Brooklyn, where it's opened one shop in Williamsburg with another opening in the neighborhood sometime soon. And hey, here's a hot tip, there's even more retail space opening on Broadway when Shakespeare & Co. closes up shop. Starbucks über alles!