blisteredpepperfinalHORIZ.jpgAmanda Hesser chronicles the time she spent with the folks at Tía Pol in yesterday's NYT magazine. Although it was interesting to hear the Craig's List story of how the place got started and hear a bit more about the history of the restaurant, we would have been satisfied just to have their recipe for fried chickpeas. Topped with smoked paprika (also a key ingredient in some of the pickled ramps we made with Rick of Rick's Picks), they are absolutely irresistable -- we can't wait to make them at home. Between those and the blistered green peppers, we won't be quite as annoyed if the wait is over an hour the next time we go -- our second option will be grabbing a bottle of Spanish wine, a few key ingredients, and bringing Tía Pol home with us.

Tía Pol, 205 Tenth Ave. between 22nd and 23rd Sts., 212-675-8805