It's time to dust off the 'ole giant pink human colon costume: the annual Veggie Pride Parade is taking place tomorrow in Manhattan! Participants will gather in Greenwich Village (where Little West 12th Street, Ganesvoort Street, Greenwich Street and 9th Avenue all converge) at noon and march to the north end of Union Square Park, where there will be post-parade speeches and other festivities.

The parade, which was started by author Pamela Rice (“101 Reasons Why I’m a Vegetarian”), is always chock-full of colorful costumes and signs. If you go and get some great pictures, send them to, or tag them on Flickr as "Gothamist." Below, drink in the smooth sounds of one of the patron saints of vegetarians. It's no "Meat is Murder," but the build-up to the denouement at the end ("I'm so very sickened") seems appropriate: