Wow, somebody was listening to us! Last September we made a list of flyover franchises we'd be okay seeing in the center of the universe and lookie here, now comes word that, starting this summer, Warren Buffett's beloved Dairy Queen is coming to town. Considering all the 7-Elevens we are now getting we aren't sure this is actually the best thing for the town, but what can you do? Blizzards!

DQ CEO John Gainor talked to Bloomberg yesterday to make the announcement that should make Blizzard fans sick of trekking to New Jersey quite happy:

So where are they going to be located? Well, the first DQ in town is going to open in the Staten Island Ferry terminal in St. George (another item for our list?) and then, according to Gainor "by the end of the year we should have several units here in Manhattan."

Will Bloomberg's proposed sugar ban mess with your enjoyment of the chain's sugary beverages? That remains to be seen. "Obviously, if it’s passed, we will have to work with it," Gainor says.