After taking an ill-fated stab at a high-tech food court (FoodParc, RIP) the Eventi Hotel on Sixth Avenue has teamed up with the folks behind the BLT restaurants for a more low-key, beach-themed food court, called Brighton. FINALLY, a way to experience a taste of that exotic locale known as Brighton Beach without going anywhere near Brooklyn, water or sand!

Right now the boardwalk-themed pop-up space boasts a Go Burger outpost, a BLT Fish Shack and a tiki bar—for when you are in the mood for a liquid lunch. But that isn't the only food on offer there! Once a week the Hester Street Fair moves up to the hotel's back courtyard for an open-air night market–which is pretty cool.

But back to Brighton. Beyond the food (you can see the menus and their not-unreasonable prices above) the space also has a massive amount of seating on another level upstairs where, if that's your thing, you can even rent out your own section of the terrace—perfect for watching whatever is being shown on the hotel's enormous LED screen (where they do show movies on occasion).

We're not really sure a Manhattan hotel needs to be fetishizing Brighton Beach this way (really, the train ride is not that long!) but as far as Midtown West lunch spots go, the prices are the draw here. Still, we wish they'd imported a few Russian grannies to add that extra je ne sais quoi of the real deal.

835 6th Avenue // 646-600-7140