Here we are again with another story about a shocked diner who could not believe a restaurant would discourage her from bringing outside food. As usual, the "victim" has her own set of special reasons why she should have been indulged: Rose Levy Beranbaum is a baker/blogger/cookbook author, and she went to The Breslin for lunch after videotaping a cooking segment. So she's in the industry, as they say, and even offered to share her cake with the hip restaurant's pastry chef. When the waiter informs her that the pastry chef is out, Beranbaum offers him his own piece. But the "haughty twenty-something server" isn't so easily bribed, and says, "I don’t do that kind of thing." Then things gets expensive:

He left with his nose in the air and his stride smacking of moral superiority as if to imply that the rest of us were moral misfits. I felt like I was back in the second grade! It was as though a storm cloud had eclipsed the joyful mood of our gathering. Oh! the wait person brought back four forks, pushing them onto the table, but no plates.

We started to taste the cake, still set on its plastic wrap "plate," when he returned with the information that he had reported us to the chef who said we'd have to pay a fee for the forks. I asked him if it was a "forkage fee" and he smiled and said "yes." I suggested that he might have mentioned that before he brought out the forks. The bill came and that fee for the use of four forks was a shocking $25.

In the space on her credit card receipt set aside for gratuity, Beranbaum left her own fork you to the waiter, writing in "cakeage fee" instead of a dollar amount. Suck on that, servant following orders from your boss! [Via Diner's Journal]