The Mother's Milk cheese story has aged another day! Lori Mason, chef Daniel Angerer's wife and the woman whose milk has created the controversial cheese, takes center stage with a NY Post cover today. She tells the paper her product is 100% organic and free range, as opposed to what one may pick up at their local grocer; she declares she's "healthier than your average cow and I'm not pumped full of steroids!" However, the Department of Health is still strongly advising against the couple serving up her cheese to strangers.

While more than half of you said you would never try the stuff, there have been some curious customers showing up at Klee Brasserie. Angerer maintains he's not selling there, however brave insiders have taken a taste. Amongst them is Murray's Cheese VP Liz Thorpe, who tells the paper, "It was slippery, slightly crunchy and tasted like pickles."

Gael Greene also tried the forbidden fromage, saying "it is quite bland, slightly sweet, [but] it's the unexpected texture that’s so off-putting. Strangely soft, bouncy, like panna cotta."

If the bad reviews still leave you craving the Mother's Milk cheese, Angerer says he may be hosting private tasting parties and picnics (by the way, he suggests a nice bottle of Riesling to compliment it)—however, the DoH says, "He can't do that either."