Remember when breast milk cheese became a thing for a few minutes last year? Well, it's back. Food-Tech interviews Miriam Simun, who they say "created human cheese as a way to engage people in conversation about biotechnology, food systems, and the human body." Her project began at NYU (it's unclear if this was after it was already being served up at NYC's Klee Brasserie), but she has plans to continue her research, so, grab some crackers!

Simun says she had two sources of breast milk for her experiment, "one woman lives here in New York, [and] I purchased the milk from the another woman, and she shipped it to me in ice, from Wisconsin. I am working to make a delicious Wisconsin human cheddar." Human cheddar... well, it's gotta be better than her NYC-centric City Funk cheese.

Ladies, she's currently trying to find more New York women to sell her their unused milk (after all, the locavore movement, so big right now). She says her goal is to make 100% local NYC cheese, "especially borough specific: I would love to see the Manhattan vs. Brooklyn Cheese-Off." Interesting—who do you think would win in a borough-wide breast milk cheese-off?