Every year we celebrate the return of the Shamrock Shake, but every year our enthusiasm dwindles. The seasonal McDonald's shake was absent from New York City until 2010—when it returned with much fanfare. Our inability to attain the minty shake had made us all need it that much more, and things were going great for a while...

Soon the shake was celebrated on television's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and people everywhere were panicking about a rumored shortage. But then in 2011, around the time it was prominently displayed that the shake contained 680 calories, people seemed apathetic. We can't even remember if we had one that year.

Last year the shake went National, but again, no one seemed to care. So what could possibly bring back the magic of the 2010 Shamrock Shake Riots? This year it seems someone in the McDonald's Meme & Virality Division heard about the Harlem Shake thing everyone is talking about, and now this exists:

But what really needs to be honed in on is the nostalgia angle! Back when the commercial featured Grimace and Ronald McDonald and calorie counts didn't exist. Anyway, the shake is available now, for a limited time... until next year.