Hot on the heels of the comes this news from Gothamist Labs: "At TEANY this morning.... There was a huge meeting with Moby this morning and he annouced that Teany today is the final day and he gave everyone one weeks compensation pay. They are going to reopen in a month with something different, but they fired everyone as of today."

Holy shit-- if this turns out to be true, it'll be the biggest news since, um, the horse accident this morning! Jesus-- there are no words. Tears! Running! Down! Face!

UPDATE: Jen called Teany for the official word:

jen: i just called!
jen: they aren't even opening today
jen: they are trying to eat up all the fruit salad
jen: i asked why they were closing and the guy said "money"
jen: aren't there enough vegan hipsters in the les to support a rocker's cafe?

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Question: what will happen to the Teany Beverages tea-distribution operation? The "Calming Tea" flavor was pretty good-- although it did have a weird aftertaste.

UPDATE: one of our commenters writes: "From the Moby website, posted this morning: "contrary to some of the rumors that are floating around, teany isn't being shut down. we are going to close for a few weeks to revamp and re-model, but we're not shutting down. thanks for your interest, and happy new year. -moby and kelly" Hmmm... "

Sort of a philisophical question: if you fire your entire staff, and close up for a month, and then reopen as a different kind of place, are you really staying open? We thinks not, Moby! We demand justice for your muffin-serving staff! Someone should probably start making picketing signs right now.

UPDATE from Jen: Spoke to Kelly Tisdale who said that teany will "possibly" reopen. If that happens, it will be within a month, but it will not be under the same management (however, Kelly will still be there). She added that the tea beverage operation (that she and Moby are partners are in) is still going exist and that everything that's online is still available.