During New York's brief fling with spring last weekend, a Park Slope blogger had a rather revolting experience with a mobile Italian ice vendor in Prospect Park. After the vendor sold her friend a pineapple flavor ice instead of the requested vanilla, he strolled happily away, only belatedly realizing that it was the wrong order. So after a few licks he returned it to the vendor, who gladly accepted the slightly-eaten serving and returned it to the source: the communal pineapple ice bucket from whence it came! It's the Ciiiircle of Ice! Blogger F'd in Park Slope rants:

Yes friends, the very same bucket that the original janky pineapple ice was scooped from. He desperately tried several times to explain to them that it had already been tasted “IT WAS IN MY MOUTH!, You can’t do that!,” he pleaded. The reply from the vendor? An assertive: “its ok."

Of course, we have no way of verifying the veracity of this story, but can't you totally see it happening, right down to the vendor's reassuring yet insane response?