Wow, just when the Park Slope Food Co-op thought things had settled down after the Israeli food debacle: Celebrity member Adrian Grenier was just kicked out! According to The Daily, it's because he didn't work his shift.

The food co-op requires its members to work two hours and 45 minutes every four weeks at various jobs—and your nanny or Turtle can't work your shift for you—in exchange for cheaper items and the feeling of personhood with fellow like-minded Brooklynites. The Post reports, "An insider revealed Grenier, 35, had not shown for his scheduled shift and 'now he can't shop there anymore.'" Of course, Grub Street points out that these rumors has been around before. He also gave them details on how he was able to remain a member and be a Hollywood star:

So is it true you served three of the required shifts?

The reason why I’m part of the co-op is that I don’t get special treatment. There isn’t a hierarchy. Everyone contributes. It’s a relaxed, sensible sharing of work that needs to get done. There’s no big corporate machine that’s taking a bunch of money and taking it out of your pockets so they can go on vacation. Everybody participates towards bringing the costs down for a community.

But they do require that you work a number of hours?
Yeah. I worked twice last month. Once for me and once for my housemates.

Do you feel a pressure to get all your shifts in?
It’s about three hours a month. I’m on a thing called F-Stop, which means since I’m in L.A. half the year, I can fulfill my work duties all in a row. So I don’t have to do a standard, every-month shift. And I know people like to gossip — people like to hate, more importantly. I tell you, the Food Coop is not a perfect system, but what is, you know? I derive a lot of enjoyment from the Food Coop. I like participating in something that doesn’t have airs, that’s just all about sharing and working. It’s not about the corporate-inflation/financial-gain bubble. It’s about people coming together to eat right, eat well, and contribute their effort and sweat equity towards bringing down prices for everybody.

Grenier does have a sustainable wine brand, doesn't that count for something?