The blizzard that was not has left city sidewalks with thick layers of packed snow topped with just enough ice to make walking in clunky snow boots an adventure. Venturing out today takes bravery, friends, or a strong desire to inhale hamburgers, which is what drives the Polar Brrrger Club, which is convening for its 5th annual sub-zero Shake Shack run today.

This afternoon at 1 p.m. those in the Madison Square Park area may spot a few folks in Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses ignoring the elements in search of burgers. Led by founder and organizer Rev Ciancio of Burger Conquest, the group will nosh on ShackBurgers and fries in the elements, which today includes below freezing temperatures and wind gusts up to 26 miles per hour.

Anyone's welcome, Hawaiian shirts or no Hawaiian shirts; just show up and join in the insanity revelry. Those of us who would prefer to enjoy lunch without getting hypothermia can watch the festivities on Shake Shack's webcam.