Down for some Nacho Cheesier Pizza Hut or Cooler Ranch KFC? If the evil geniuses who brought us Doritos Tacos Locos have their way, we'll be seeing a lot more chip-and-chain combos in our future. PepsiCo, parent company of all your favorite stoner foods from Cheetos to Fritos, announced plans yesterday to use their products at chains like Pizza Hut and Buffalo Wild Wings as they did with Taco Bell. The brand also makes soda, of course, and have inked a deal with BWW to serve exclusively Pepsi products at the chain's 975 locations in the U.S.

Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith visited PepsiCo's "food innovation lab" in NYC—our invite must have gotten lost in the mail—where she sampled wings and chicken tenders battered with Doritos and salad dressings made with Mountain Dew. "I don't think it will be in the next 12 months, but we'll possibly start testing after a year or 18 months," she told the AP. But we want fluorescent green goddess dressing nooooow!

Doritos Tacos Locos were a runaway success for Taco Bell, which sold 450 million cheese-dusted tacos in the first three months alone. Naturally, other YUM! Brand chains want to get in on the multi-million dollar enterprise of creating Franken fast foods; gotta keep the kiddos happy! Naturally, New York was ahead of the curve on the Doritofication of our meals: we see your chicken wings and raise you carbonara.