2006_02_food_86recipes.jpgWe love to eat out, but there are some occasions when the budget just won't allow it. For those times, or for any time you feel like making your own version of a dish from one of your favorite spots, 86 Recipes comes to the rescue. On its face, 86 Recipes is merely a collection of recipe cards, albeit an impressive one, from NYC favorites like Hearth, Prune, 'inoteca, and Habana Outpost, among others. That in and of itself is fun -- we're pretty psyched to make Marco Canora's Fava and Pecorino salad, 'inoteca's beet salad, Republic's grilled eggplant, or Westville's turkey burger in the comfort of our own small, cramped kitchen. But upon closer review, 86 Recipes is incredibly user-friendly -- it comes with an index of restaurants by neighborhood, and each card is prominently tagged with type of ingredient (seafood, vegetarian, etc.), type of meal (entree, small plate, dessert), cuisine, a rough guide of the time involved (so no surprises), and even special kitchen equipment needed and suggestions for wine pairings for each recipe. Each card also comes with a map showing where the restaurant is located and all relevant vital stats. Finally, it's all packed up in a nifty little glossy, stylish box -- sort of like your grandma's recipe file, but updated. 86 Recipes retails for $34.95 and is available online.