Boukies, the restaurant that replaced the Michelin-starred yet unsuccessful restaurant Heartbreak, seems to be doing better than its predecessor. The spacious establishment is still operated by the same owners, but they've enlisted chef Diane Kochilas, a self-proclaimed "Greek food guru," to consult on the menu (below). Kochilas, who also has a hand in the nearby Greek restaurant Pylos, has crafted a menu centered around reasonably-priced small plates, encouraging diners to fill their tables with an eclectic meal to share. (Boukiés means “small bites” in Greek.)

The restaurant only offers two main course entrees: Psari sta Karvouna (Classic grilled whole fresh fish, served with Greek lemon potatoes and broccoli rabe) and Paidakia Galaktos stin Schara (Marinated grilled baby lamb chops, served with Greek lemon potatoes and broccoli rabe). Both of those big orders cost $24 each, but the rest of menu is much cheaper, and the portions are generous. Last week Boukies' owner Christos Valtzoglou invited us to try some of the food and we recommend a visit (if you go, try to request a booth, because they're very comfortable.) Our favorite was the Fava se Psomi me Gavro Marinato: Lesvos-style yellow split pea puree with house-marinated anchovies, roasted peppers and capers, served on grilled country bread. ($7) The mussel saganaki in a spicy tomato sauce with smoked feta ($12) was also very tasty—we've never had smoked feta before and it blew our minds.

Boukies recently launched brunch, and they'll have lunch service starting just around the corner. There is also ample outdoor seating, so when this brutal heat finally breaks that seems like a pleasant option. It is going to break someday, right?

Boukies // Corner of Second Avenue and East 2nd Street // (212) 777-2502