Looks like the Barclays Center's hitting some snags when it comes to getting sauced: this week, Community Board 8 agreed to ask the State Liquor Authority to put a hold on the arena's liquor license. The decision was announced Thursday at a CB8 general meeting in Prospect Heights, and came on the heels of the recent revelation that Jay-Z would be opening a 40/40 club outpost at the arena, which, like its high-end Chelsea counterpart, would include (gasp!) bottle service.

While a spokesperson for the club promised alcohol would not be served after 2 a.m., and that the premium alcohol service would only be offered on event nights, CB8 cited concerns that game side Grey Goose shots would disrupt residential areas under their jurisdiction like Prospect Heights and Park Slope, as well as pose a potential problem with drunk driving. "The executive board agreed we'd be shirking our duty were we not to weigh in on the liquor license," CB8 Second Vice President Rob Witherwax said. "Thousands of people [will be] walking through our streets. An earlier [service] cutoff would be better for our community."

The SLA will hold its second out of two public hearings on June 20, whereupon it will decide on the Barclays Center's boozy fate.