Is New York City known for its meatballs? Well, Dish du Jour magazine is hosting its 8th annual food and wine gala which includes the first ever Best Meatballs of the Boroughs contest, and the publisher of the mag says “When it comes to meatballs, everyone thinks they’ve got the best. So we’re asking borough restaurants to put their meatballs where their mouths are. This is going to be a tight competition!”. That said, cocky restaurateurs out there are invited to compete for the title of Best Balls in the Boroughs which will be judged by a panel of celebrity judges. Participating restaurants will be visited by a "meatball phantom" (the important question here is, how does one get that job?!) and the undercover eaters will then narrow down the top 10 best balls in New York. Finalists will then be invited "to put their balls on the line at the main event on May 19th." Hopefully the organizers will be accepting vegetarian "meatballs" as well, like the ones at Rice and Foodswings. So...who's got the best balls out there?