In the interest of research in the days leading up to the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, we've been reading up on competitive eating events across the city. That's how we came across an interesting little piece about high-stakes eating contests amongst type-A finance guys. It's hard to say how much of this "trend" is real and how much is media-manufactured, but the nauseating competitions these twisted minds come up with are worth a read, imaginary or not:

Hedge funders, traders, investors and bankers (and, of course, their interns) are supposedly facing off over Wendy’s chicken nuggets (the winner ate 85), raw oysters (244 was the golden ticket), or the entire contents of a break room vending machine. The prize? Glory, honor, and "sums large enough to pay their rent." (Ian Roncoroni, a 27-year-old broker, supposedly won $3,500 for eating the aforementioned 244 oysters.) According to The Daily, the finance world calls these throwdows, creatively, Food Eating Competitions, and they're "as common as cufflinks."

The blog Dealbreaker has a full rundown of FECs across the city's financial institutions, which have also included KFC Double Downs, Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins, and a cupcake larger than a basketball. “People on Wall Street appreciate the competitive aspect of anything," said Dealbreaker editor Bess Levin, which sounds true enough even if everything else is nonsense, and it might help explain why this man below chugged an entire bottle of olive oil: