BOOM. Your Saturday trip to Smorgasburg just got a whole lot better. At least if you are like us and the sight of all those strollers makes you desperate for a drink. After working its way through the SLA, the surprisingly awesome food fair by the water starts officially serving booze this weekend!

Grub Street got the scoop:

This weekend is the official launch of SmorgasBar, a roped-in beer, wine, and spirits garden in the middle of the space, which, fittingly, highlights local alcohol producers. The lineup will change, but to start there's beer from Brooklyn Brewery, Kelso, and Sixpoint and wines from Brooklyn Winery and Brooklyn Oenology. Cocktails pair local mixers from the likes of Brooklyn Soda Works, McClure's, and the Stand with spirits from Kings County's Moonshine, Breuckelen Gin, and the New York Distilling Company. Anybody can go in (like kids in strollers), but only those over 21 can drink, and drinking is confined to the designated space. Smorgasburg runs Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A quick e-mail to the Brooklyn Flea team confirms the news, and gives us the all important pricing info. And that is: Beer $6, Wine $11, Booze $12. We know what we'll be doing this weekend!