Bottoms up, New Yorkers, because we're in the midst of a significant surge in alcohol produced within the city and the state. Wine, beer and now cider-making facilities within the city have tripled in the past three years, according to data found by the Post, with farm distilleries state-wide increasing 450% in the same time period. Let's grab that yeast and start DIY drinking!

In New York City alone there are now at least 64 companies producing alcohol, including craft beer breweries in all five boroughs that have increased from six to 24 since 2011. The number of craft liquor distilleries has also risen from five to 22 and city wineries are up from six to 11. On a state level, the Governor's new farm cider legislation has meant an increase of 340% in cider production, as well as a producer's ability to sell their products on-site and potentially boost their revenue.

According to a report by Governor Cuomo, the number of farm-based beverage licenses within the state has risen 72% since 2011, which the office credits to the Taste NY initiative. Early adopting New York brands like Brooklyn Brewery have made their mark on the nationwide market and with Americans now heavy hitting the whiskey bottle, city distilleries like Widow Jane could be poised to do the same. It's only a matter of time before they're toasting the Bronx in Boise.