If you aren't using your passport to escape the city this summer, consider stocking up on a different kind of passport that'll transport you on a more figurative level. The fine folks at Booze Menus who brought us an excuse to drink more whiskey are back with two different booze-centric "passports" for summertime imbibing. Whether you dig a cold brewski or a perfectly muddled cocktail—or both, we're not here to judge—there are options aplenty for exploring a new bar or just getting your booze on. Again, not here to judge.

The premise is simple: the owner of each passport gets a free beer or cocktail when they stop by any of the participating bars. The Good Beer Passport includes a brew or flight of beers at breweries like Gun Hill, Bronx Brewery and Flagship Brewing, or from craft beer bars like Jimmy's No. 43 and Blind Tiger Alehouse. All told, there are over 35 spots participating with Passports going for just $37 bucks.

On the mixed drink side, a Good Cocktail Passport includes more than 20 local mixology dens like dessert bar Butter & Scotch, cute LES spot Bonnie Vee and Bed-Stuy's newcomer Bed-Vyne Cocktail. You'll also get invited to spirits-themed parties, like drinking Zacapa Rum at the National Rum Day Party in August and other memory-clearing drinking celebrations. Like the beer version, the cocktail passports are also $37.

As with the whiskey variety, the passports aren't just for transporting your psyche to another dimension, they're also fundraisers. If you're drinking beers, you're helping out The River Fund New York and the Heritage Radio Network; if it's cocktails, it's God's Love We Deliver and Friend of Firefighters. Your liver will forgive you.