The "ice luge" booze delivery system is so over (John Cusack proves this in Hot Tub Time Machine by doing a beer luge in the Reagan era). These days it's all about the bone luge. That's where you (or someone you judge) eat the marrow out of an animal bone, thus creating a channel for a bartender to pour the booze (or blood?) of your choosing from one end of the bone into your waiting, gluttonous mouth. There's obviously a Tumblr page featuring photos of people getting bone luged, and last week Tasting Table highlighted the "drinking ritual from Portland, Oregon" that is "forging an especially close relationship between beef and booze." Portland, Tumblr, meat, alcohol—all the major trend notes are hit here, so why are some food writers trying to bury the bone fad before it even hits the mainstream?

Over the weekend, Time Out New York's food and drink editor Jordana Rothman drew a line in the sand, tweeting, "Food writers of America: Let's all stop this bone luge thing before it starts shall we? Show of hands?" Rothman was joined in Twitter solidarity by Kat Kinsman, the Managing Editor for CNN's food blog Eatocracy. Rothman has not yet responded to a request for elaboration on her anti-bone luge stance, but one wonders if these two power editors will succeed in undermining this thing before it even becomes a thing.

Not bloody likely. If there's one thing we know about Americans, it's that we love any opportunity for a grotesque display of gluttonous debauchery. And the bone luge has both, giving everyone the chance to act like a cartoon viking celebrating a savage pillaging. For $30, you can join team Bone Luge at Prime Meats, which sells a plate of Roasted Beef Bone Marrow for $18. After dispatching the marrow, purchase a shot of whatever bourbon or sherry or tequila you desire, raise the bone to your lips, and swallow—thus proving that Time Out and CNN aren't your masters! You're an individual. Now take one knee, say a prayer, pound a Smirnoff Ice, and go ride the subway without any pants on.