Bon Chovie, the OG Smorgasburg stand that found a way to make deep-fried anchovies sexy, is going to be sexing up Bay Ridge with its succulent little fishes—plus some other tasty seafood options—when it debuts its first brick-and-mortar in October.

Renae Holland, who began her humble seafood shack at Smorgasburg in 2011, has taken up residence in the former Zito's Sandwich shop space at 7604 3rd Avenue after meeting the sandwich shop's ownership through the market's Coney Island encampment this summer. "His concept wasn't working out so well here so he was like, 'Hey, you wanna take it over?' and I was like, 'Okay, why not?" she explained. "So that's how I ended up here in Bay Ridge." It's a nice turnaround after plans for a Williamsburg location fell through.

"We'll definitely, of course, have the anchovies," Holland assured us. "It's going to be a casual spot; rock & roll fish shack is kinda the concept!" Holland will be offering lobster rolls, fish tacos, crab mac'n'cheese, caesar salad with anchovy dressing and some of the sandwiches she currently offers at Smorgasburg. "Everything won't be deep fried, we'll have some fresh stuff." Fine, but those crunchy fried anchovies are worth the hours on the treadmill.